Premium Quality Truffle Oil For A Fine Dining Delicacy

Truffles are a type of fungus that grow only underground in forests, near the roots of large oak trees. There are over fifty varieties of truffles around the world, but only between five and eight of them are edible. Of these, the most popular ones are black or white truffles. Black truffles are found predominantly in Italy and France, and have a more robust, earthy flavor compared to most other truffles. White truffles, on the other hand, have a milder, smoother flavor.

Truffles are an elite ingredient with an undeniable mystique, especially for those that have never had the chance to taste one, and their rarity and distinctive flavor make them a true delicacy in fine dining.


Truffles are highly seasonal, difficult to find and harvest, and keep only a short time once harvested. They can begin to lose their flavor in as little as a few days! All this means that truffles are very hard to obtain, and consequently are among the most expensive ingredients a chef could covet. But while real Italian truffles aren’t going to show up on the shelves of your local supermarket anytime soon, there is still a way for you to bring that elite aroma and flavor into your cooking. Just use a white or black truffle oil instead.

Truffle oil is an increasingly popular way to bring that world-class taste into your kitchen, and its not only much less expensive than fresh truffles, but when properly stored will retain its flavor for months. You can even get truffle oil in a gallon size for a better value, letting you bring that complex, intense flavor to a wide array of dishes – and there are few dishes that truffle oil won’t elevate into a gourmet meal!


The best truffle oil is made from high-quality olive oil infused with premium fresh truffles. Giorgio Truffle Shop uses only the best quality natural ingredients – fresh white and black truffles infused into a base of top-quality extra virgin olive oil – and uses small-batch production methods in their FDA-inspected facilities to ensure you’re getting the best quality truffle oil, one that carries the amazing taste of black or white truffles and will add a sophisticated touch to all your dishes


Truffle oil has a low smoke point, and the delicate flavor compounds of fresh truffles degrade quickly when exposed to too much heat. That’s why truffle oil is best used not as a cooking oil but as a finishing oil added to finished dishes just before serving. Just a few tablespoons of this oil are enough to add the potent flavor of truffles, and just a drizzle can liven up eggs, soups, pizzas, meats, vegetables, or even snacks like French fries or popcorn.


If you have never tried truffle oil, there’s no reason to wait any longer. Giorgio Truffle Shop offers quality truffle oil at a very reasonable price. They also offer sizes up to a gallon of truffle oil to let you add that unique flavor accent to as many dishes as you like. And unlike real truffles, truffle oil is available any time of year, and Giorgio Truffle Shop can have it on the way to your door the same day you place your order, so don’t wait any longer.

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