Five Ways To Use A Gallon Of White Truffle Infused Oil

For many, cooking means starting off with a library of a few “go-to” recipes and then spending a lifetime improving skills, broadening culinary knowledge, and branching out to new and ever more inventive dishes. But it’s also a journey of finding new ways to liven up those original favorite dishes, so you can keep going back to them when you want without them becoming dull or overused.


And one of the easiest ways to improve on those familiar dishes is to use while truffle oil in your cooking. White truffle oil can impart a unique, earthy flavor to all your dishes. And it’s available in one-gallon quantities, meaning you’re free to experiment with adding gallon of white truffle oil to a wide variety of dishes – and once you taste what it can do, you’re going to want to keep it as a staple in your kitchen. Here are just a few of the ways you can use white truffle oil to turn everyday dishes into something spectacular.

Drizzle it Over Popcorn

Popcorn by itself is a blank canvas, usually livened up simply with butter and a little salt. But adding a drizzle of white truffle oil to the mix can elevate that simple popcorn to a gourmet snack you’ll absolutely crave. It’s also an easy way to surprise your family and friends and introduce them to the delicious flavor of white truffle oil.


Use it Over French Fries

Whether they’re hand-cut at home or just bought at the store, French fries are a go-to comfort food for many people, often spiced up with ketchup, cheese, bacon, or even chili. But another great way to enhance the flavor of French fries is to add just a few drops of white truffle oil. Topping fries with fresh-grated Parmesan cheese, sea salt, and a tablespoon of white truffle oil turns those simple fries into an elegant dish. Pair them with a soup or an elegant, toasted sandwich for an easy meal with gourmet flavor.


Use it to Jazz up Pizza

Home-made pizza isn’t just a meal – it’s a chance to unleash your creativity by choosing your own toppings, cheeses, sauces, and more. And if you enjoy trying your hand at the culinary art of assembling your own pizza, then you should also try using just a little white truffle oil to really elevate it to a truly high-class, tasty dish. Just a teaspoon of white truffle oil drilled on right before serving works well with just about any pizza recipe and brings an extra kick of delicious flavor.


Add it to Eggs

There are few foods more versatile than that breakfast staple, the egg. Fried, scrambled, hard-boiled, or poached, whether by themselves, in sandwiches, on toast, or stirred into hash, eggs seem to have almost limitless possibilities. But when you add white truffle oil, either during preparation or just before serving, the mushroom-like flavor of the white truffle oil beautifully complements the flavor of the egg and makes even the simplest egg dish genuinely extravagant.


Toss it with Pasta

A near universal food, in one form or another, pasta is a beloved food for people of all ages. And the unique flavor of white truffle oil blends well with pasta dishes of all sorts. Just a dash of the earthy flavor of white truffle oil compliments standard pasta ingredients like cheese, mushrooms, or garlic, and works beautifully with classic sauces like alfredo. And you can experiment with even more sauces and pasta types to find your favorite. It’s one of the easiest ways to enjoy five-star taste in your homemade pasta dishes.



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