The Essence Of Black Truffle Oil – How It’s Made & How To Use It

What is Black Truffle Oil

Black truffle oil is neutral base oil – usually a quality extra virgin olive oil – infused with fresh truffles to impart that refined, earthy truffle flavor into the oil. Connoisseurs around the world love truffle oil for its ability to bring the aroma and flavor of black truffles – a rare, seasonal, and very exclusive ingredient – into dishes year-round.

Chefs of all sorts, from five-star restaurants to simple home kitchens, rely on black truffle oil to enhance even their simplest dishes. It adds a complex, earthy flavor and aroma to any recipe, and helps balance the flavor of almost any dish.


The Essence of Truffle Oil

For decades, black truffles have been a much sought-after ingredient. But truffles are very seasonal, with a short shelf life that limits their availability. They are also difficult to find and harvest. All this makes them a very rare, and consequently a very expensive, ingredient. But chefs around the world still want to bring the flavor of black truffles into their kitchen.

Fortunately, truffle oil provides a way for even the humblest chef to enjoy the flavor of this most prized and elite ingredient in their own kitchen. And with quality producers like Giorgio Truffles Shop making black truffle oil available online, it can be bought any time with just a few clicks so that even when truffles are well out of season, that wonderful flavor can still be a part of your cooking.


Making Truffle Oil

Infusing the best fresh black truffles in a premium quality base oil such as olive oil naturally produces a high quality, flavorful truffle oil, and you should insist on nothing less for your kitchen. Too many producers rely on additives that merely mimic the flavor and aroma of truffles. But if you want the real, natural flavor of black truffle oil, then don’t go for the producers using chemical tricks. Turn instead to Giorgio Truffles Shop, where you can rest assured you will get a robust and lasting truffle oil for your kitchen with authentic truffle flavor.


Use of Black Truffle Oil

To get the most out of your truffle oil, make sure to store it properly. Keep your oil in a cool, dark cabinet away from sources of heat. Under these conditions, an opened bottle of truffle oil will last three months to as much as six months, or longer in the fridge. Be aware that storing your oil in the fridge may change its color and consistency (though not its flavor) but returning the oil to room temperature will restore its original appearance.


Also, avoid exposing your oil to heat, which can degrade both the flavor and aroma of the oil. It’s best to add truffle oil as a finishing agent at the end of cooking. Just a few drops before serving, diluted into a carrier oil such as olive oil, can add the pungent, earthy flavor of black truffles to just about any dish.

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