Truffle Oil- Top Quality Olive Oil Infused With Superior Quality Truffles

Truffles are a fungus which grows underground, usually in damp forests near the roots of trees. Their unique earthy flavor makes them a sought-after ingredient in fine dining, and their rarity – they are highly seasonal, which a short shelf life, and a labor- and time-intensive harvesting method – make them both a mysterious and elite delicacy.

If you’ve ever had the privilege to sample the flavor of real truffles, you’ll know it’s complex and intense character adds a unique note to a variety of dishes. Unfortunately, their rarity puts their price out of reach for most.


So, if you’ve never enjoyed the taste of truffles, how can you do so without breaking the bank? And how can you add that unique flavor to your own cooking? Well, by using truffle oil – just a few drops right before serving will add that real truffle flavor, and unlike real truffles, it will last a lot longer in your pantry (and the cost is much more reasonable, meaning you can keep a gallon of truffle oil in your pantry to liven up your dishes for months to come for less than the cost of a single truffle!


Even those who normally don’t bother seasoning their food can’t resist the way truffle oil enhances their food. And it not only tastes great butis a healthy addition as well. Truffle oil is filled with important nutrients, like amino acids, polyphenols, healthy and monounsaturated fats.

Adding truffle infused olive oil to your meals regularly can only add new dimensions of flavor to your dishes but can contribute to maintaining a balanced diet as well. The versatility of truffle oil means it could pair with an enormous range of dishes, making the gallon quantity a great investment.


But it’s important to choose the right truffle oil. Many manufacturers rely on chemical mimicry to duplicate the flavor of truffles. But to get true, quality truffle oil, you want one that’s made with all natural ingredients, with real truffles infused into superior olive oil. And for that, turn to Giorgio Truffle Shop.

They use only premium olive oil and infuse only the best real truffles to create the best quality product. And buying online means no trips wandering supermarkets and specialty shops trying to find the right truffle oil, just a few clicks and the best quality truffle oil comes right to you. Giorgio Truffle Shop uses small batch production with freshly harvested truffles from Italy to ensure you’re getting only the best. Check out Giorgio Truffle Shop at and get a gallon of truffle oil for your pantry today. For more information email at or call at  800-284-9838 .

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