How To Use The Unique Aroma & Flavor Of Black Truffle Oil in Your Cooking

Rare, seasonal, and difficult to harvest, Italian black truffles are a delicacy that you’re never going to find in your local supermarket. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the flavor of real black truffles or incorporate it into your favorite dishes at home. Black truffle oil lets you bring the incredible aroma and flavor of black truffles into your kitchen in a form that costs much less, is available year-round, and will last far longer than fresh truffles. That’s why both home cooks and professional chefs are turning more and more to truffle oil to add an elegant touch to their dishes.


But of course, all truffle oils are not the same. The best producers use only fresh black truffles infused into the best olive oil to capture and preserve the authentic flavor of the truffles. Others rely on chemical tricks to mimic that flavor or otherwise degrade it with unnecessary additives. When buying black truffle oil, make sure you are getting all-natural product to get unmatched quality and taste.


Since it has a long shelf life, you can save money by buying a gallon of black truffle oil to keep that wonderful earthy flavor on hand for months. And since black truffle oil can bright up almost any recipe, you’ll have no end of uses for it. Below are just a few of the ways you can use black truffle oil to elevate your cooking.


Drizzle it on your popcorn:The blank canvas of popcorn sings with just a drizzle of black truffle oil. Your friends and family will be amazed at the new, enhanced flavor of this movie-night snack.

Use it on pasta dishes: Perhaps one of the most common uses for black truffle oil is with pasta dishes. Adding freshly grated parmesan and black truffle oil adds an elegant, deep flavor to your pasta that will amaze your family.


Add it to mac n’ cheese: Truffle oil with mac n’ cheese? Yes! Turn that simple comfort food into a gourmet delicacy with black truffle oil and take your child’s favorite food to the next level!

Mix it into mashed potatoes: Black truffle oil is a great accompaniment to potatoes in any form, but many people have a particular fondness for the delicious taste of truffle mashed potatoes.

Use it as a finishing touch on pizza: Black truffle oil makes an excellent addition to pizza. A mushroom and mozzarella pizza with a dash of truffle oil is a favorite of many people, but any sort of pizza comes alive with just a drizzle added right after it comes out of the oven.


Use it with eggs:Try just a teaspoon of black truffle oil with your eggs to give your breakfast a punch of flavor. Add it to a scramble or breakfast bowl or try it over scrambled eggs with spinach.

Try truffle hummus: Add a dash of truffle oil to your hummus to give it a new, exciting flavor. If you’re making your own hummus, just add the truffle oil in the last few minutes of blending to infuse your hummus with truffle flavor.


Jazz up your veggies: Looking to liven up your bland vegetables? Drizzle a few drops of black truffle oil over blanched, steamed, or grilled vegetables to give them a burst of flavor!

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