What Is Black Truffle Oil, What It Tastes Like, How To Use It &Where To Get The Best Products

Truffles are widely regarded as one of the most elite and exclusive ingredients to be found in any kitchen. A rare, edible fungus, truffles have a potent earthy flavor and aroma which are highly prized among professional and amateur chefs alike. Unfortunately, they are rare, difficult to harvest in quantity, and highly seasonal. They also have a short shelf life, making them both difficult and expensive to obtain.


That’s why many cooks rely on truffle oil instead. Bringing the same legendary flavor of truffles in a form that will last longer in your pantry, truffle oil is increasingly popular with restaurants and home cooks wanting to bring the taste of truffles to their dishes.

What is White Truffle Oil? 

Truffles are expensive, in some cases costing thousands of dollars per pound. And the flavor compounds that give truffles their unique taste are highly volatile, dissipating rapidly and giving fresh truffles their famously short shelf life. But quality suppliers like Giorgio Truffle Shop use only premium quality extra virgin olive oil as a base in which to infuse the flavor and aroma of fresh white or black truffles, making a delicious truffle oil that can retain its flavor for weeks or even months longer than fresh truffles, and at a much more affordable price.


And with easy online ordering, truffle oils are available anywhere with just a few clicks. These truffle oils are even made in a variety of quantities, including bulk truffle oil bottles, to meet the needs of any kitchen.

What Does it Taste Like?

If you’ve never had the privilege of tasting truffles before, you may be wondering what they taste like. Well, while individual tastes can vary wildly, the taste of fresh truffles is generally described as earthy, pungent, or mushroom-like. The best truffle oils, made with only natural ingredients, retain this unique flavor, while adding a note of flavor from the olive oil base as well. Beware of brands that use synthetic compounds or additives to mimic truffle flavor, however – insist on only all-natural truffle oil like that from Giorgio Truffle Shop for the best flavor experience.


How to Use White Truffle Oil?

While truffle oil is more durable than fresh truffles, the flavor compounds are still delicate. That’s why you should always be careful not to overheat truffle oil, as this causes those flavor compounds to dissipate and degrade the taste of the oil. Truffle oils are instead best used as a finishing oil on cooked dishes – just a few drops or a drizzle over a dish right before serving is enough to bring out that amazing truffle flavor. Try it on eggs, pasta, pizza, mashed potatoes, roast vegetables, French fries, popcorn, risotto, or more. There’s almost no end to the dishes that can be elevated by the flavor of truffle oil!


Where to Buy Truffle Oil

Obtaining fresh black or white truffles can be a challenge due to their rarity and shelf life. That’s why the best way to bring that flavor into your home is through truffle oil from reputable suppliers like Giorgio Truffle Shop.

Many companies purport to sell quality truffle oil online, but Giorgio Truffle Shop delivers the real deal – an all-natural, delicious truffle oil to bring new life to your favorite dishes. Browse their online store today and find the truffle oil that’s right for your kitchen. For more information email at [email protected] or call at 800-284-9838 .