Four Amazing And Delightful Ways To Use Bulk Truffle Oil

A highly seasonal ingredient, both difficult and time-consuming to find and harvest, black and white truffles are generally seen as an exclusive (and very expensive) ingredient reserved for the most prestigious kitchens. But would you believe there is a way to enjoy the earthy, sophisticated flavor and aroma of fresh truffles in your kitchen year-round? Just buy quality truffle oil from a reputable producer like Giorgio Truffle Shop.

Truffle oil has the same wonderful flavor of real, fresh truffles, but is available all year long, and a price that will fit in your budget. And you can buy truffle oil in several different sizes, including in bulk, allowing you to experiment with several different dishes.


Truffle oil is a simple ingredient to add to your dishes but imparts a complex and intense flavor that adds true depth and sophistication to any dish. And while fresh truffles are a rare and elite ingredient, truffle oil can bring that sophisticated taste into any kitchen, and with a bulk truffle oil jar, you can add the flavor of truffles to dishes all year long.  Truffle oil makes a wonderful addition to French toast, fruit, salads, vegetables, and meats like lamb, pork, poultry, and more. With just a few of truffle oil, you can instantly transform even the simplest dish from everyday to extraordinary. Here are just a few of the ways you can use truffle oil to liven up your familiar dishes.


Drizzle it over French Fries

Want to elevate those everyday French fries into a unique and classy snack? Just add a drizzle of black or white truffle oil from Giorgio Truffle Shop onto your fries. The earthy flavor of real truffles in the truffle oil will add a much classier note than your normal condiments. And for a truly delicious snack, add the truffle oil along with some grated Parmigiano and salt.

Drizzle it over Popcorn

Without toppings, popcorn is a blank slate as far as flavor is concerned. But with just a few of the right ingredients, you can turn that bland popcorn into something very special that your family will crave.  When you toss the popcorn with butter and salt, just adda drizzle of truffle oil to turn that simple movie night snack into a gourmet treat.


Incorporated into Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a common and popular side dish, often dressed up in several ways. But you don’t know what you’re missing until you’ve tried them with a little truffle oil.Truffle oil makes a great to accompaniment to all manner of potato dishes, and it brings a wonderful earthy touch to mash potatoes. It’s best mixed in with the cheese right before mashing the potatoes.

Add into Soups

The flavor of truffles brings a special delicacy and richness to soups. Try it as an add-in to potato soups, mushroom soups, cauliflower soups, and more. This simple ingredient can amplify a range of soups into something elegant and savory.


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