What Is Black Truffle Oil and Where it Comes From

Humans have been consuming black truffles since the dawn of history. The earliest records that mention this ingredient were from 1500 BC. Greeks loved truffles so much to the point that they even used them as offerings to their goddess of love and beauty, Venus.

Even at that time, truffles were already considered as food for the nobles because of how hard it is to find them. It is also nearly impossible to cultivate it so the only option to get it is to use trained pigs who are good at finding these tasty tubers. However, they also have a bad habit of eating these treats immediately after finding them. Later on, trained dogs were used to find truffles. This method is still being used now.



It takes years of experience to be a skilled truffle hunter. They can determine if the tuber is already ripe and ready for harvesting by simply sniffing the ground. Incorrectly digging an unripe truffle would make them worthless. The sheer competition, rarity, and high demand for this product inevitably shot its price through the roof. 



Through experimentation and careful extraction, scientists figured out how to get the essence of black truffles. Before the discovery of modern techniques, this was done by soaking whole truffles in oils to impart their flavor. This method is highly inefficient since a lot of the flavor remains inside the truffles themselves. Now, all of its taste is extracted and mixed with the highest quality of olive oil. Instead of using usual cooking oil, olive oil is used because of its flavor, health benefits, and its overall superiority compared to other oils on the market.


The other half of it, the olive oil is made by pressing fresh olives to extract its oils. Its taste is better if it has undergone less purification process. It can be described as fruity and fresh. Heavily processed olive oil is almost clear and tasteless. In this form, it is devoid of any flavor and health benefits.


Olive oil is then carefully mixed with the black truffle extract. The proportions were perfected to ensure the quality and consistency of the taste. This method keeps the flavor of black truffles perfectly preserved. Since they have a significantly longer shelf life compared to fresh truffles, this oil can be bought for a cheaper price because there is a constant supply of it. Its taste is comparable to the freshly harvested truffles with the added notes of high-quality olives.



Black Truffle Oil has a wide range of uses. It can be used as traditional cooking oil. Using it as a finishing touch for dishes is where it shines the most. Its flavor blends perfectly with any dish. It can be even put in desserts to give them a more sophisticated taste. You can try drizzling it into a cup of ice cream instead of boring sugar sprinkles.

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