Treatment for Bleeding piles (external and internal) in Singapore

treatment for bleeding piles in Singapore

Piles or haemorrhoids are swollen veins in the anal area that cause discomfort and embarrassment. The swollen and enlarged veins present in the anal area cause a great deal of discomfort and unpleasant health issues.

Haemorrhoids often become an ongoing complaint by midlife! By age 50, about half the population has experienced one or more of the symptoms that include

  • Discomfort and bleeding are experienced during the passage of stools through the rectum.
  • Sensations of itching, burning, and pain in the vicinity of the rectum and anal area.
  • The discomfort felt in or around the anal region.

Haemorrhoids are categorized as either internal or external based on their placement. Internal haemorrhoids occur inside the rectum and are not usually visible outside the anus. They may protrude through the anus in some cases. External haemorrhoids arise near the anus. Piles often cause discomfort, especially external hemorrhoids which can bleed, feel painful, and itch.

As people age, the tissues supporting the anal canal often weaken. Chronic constipation, pregnancy, being overweight, or straining during bowel movements can put pressure on these tissues, leading to haemorrhoids. Hard stool or anal trauma may cause haemorrhoids to bleed.

Although piles or haemorrhoids are benign conditions, they can be recurring and cause significant pain. Fortunately, there’s a lot that expert doctors can do about bleeding piles or haemorrhoids.

Treatment for bleeding piles or hemorrhoids

Piles often resolve on their own! But most require treatment to remove them and prevent a recurrence. Regardless, seeing a doctor is crucial if you notice blood in your stool or rectal bleeding, as these symptoms may indicate issues beyond haemorrhoids. You should seek proper consultation from your doctor for proper management of early-stage piles symptoms.

Treatment for piles by a specialist

While home remedies may temporarily alleviate symptoms, seeing a doctor for professional treatment or removal is the only permanent solution for haemorrhoids. In Singapore, where a bustling lifestyle meets diverse healthcare options, seeking effective treatment for bleeding piles is a manageable journey. The available treatments and healthcare resources here like Crest Surgical Practice, can provide relief and support recovery for those dealing with bleeding piles. Most treatment procedures can be done as day-care or outpatient procedures that are relatively pain-free.

Surgical procedures to treat piles

  1. Haemorrhoidectomy (Removal of haemorrhoids). Pile surgery in Singapore is usually done under general anaesthesia. Severe and recurring haemorrhoids are removed through a hemorrhoidectomy, a procedure that excises the excess tissue causing bleeding. After the surgery, stool softener and pain medication will be prescribed to aid healing.
  2. Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy. Hemorrhoid stapling also called ‘haemorrhoidopexy’ is a piles surgery that uses a special device to excise excessive piles.. This medical procedure is applied mainly  to internal piles. Stapled haemorrhoidectomy is a less painful procedure compared to conventional hemorrhoidectomy.

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When should you visit a Doctor near you?

Are you experiencing anal pain or blood streaks in your stool? It may indicate serious medical issues like colon cancer. Do not ignore these symptoms. Instead, consult a qualified doctor right away for a proper diagnosis. If needed, consider visiting Crest Surgical Practice in Singapore, which provides treatment for haemorrhoids and other anorectal conditions. The journey to treating bleeding piles here at Crest Surgical Practice involves a collaborative effort between patients and healthcare professionals.

Are you seeking timely medical advice and exploring the diverse treatment options to tackle bleeding piles? Crest Surgical Practice helps you embark on a path to recovery, reclaiming your comfort and quality of life.

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  1. Thank you for the valuable blog post about managing bleeding piles or haemorrhoids. It provides essential insights into the causes, symptoms, and treatment options available, emphasizing the importance of consulting a specialist for proper diagnosis and management. The information on surgical procedures like haemorrhoidectomy and stapled haemorrhoidectomy in Singapore offers reassurance to those seeking effective, long-term solutions for this common but uncomfortable condition.

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