Red Apple Balsamic Vinegar: The Queen of Kitchen Condiments

If Barrel-Aged Balsamic Vinegar is hailed as the king, then Red Apple Balsamic Vinegar should be the rightful queen. Packed with the elegant flavor of aged Trebbiano grapes, mixed with the fruity freshness of apple vinegar, it will surely make you feel like you are dining with royalty whenever you use it.

Before it gets its crown as a queen, it must undergo a meticulous process first. Locally grown Michigan red apples are made into apple cider vinegar by carefully selecting the best fruits, and skillfully fermenting them. Just like when the kingdoms reigned, no pesticides were used, so you are guaranteed that it is safe, and it is made with the utmost care.


Aside from making food taste better, Hippocrates, considered as the father of medicine, figured out that the apple cider vinegar could also be used for medicinal purposes around 400 B.C.He prescribed a mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey to treat people experiencing bad coughs and colds. It seems like not only an apple a day can keep a doctor away, even apple cider vinegar can.

While the apples are turning into fruity elixirs, traditionally made balsamic vinegar is also maturing on its cozy wooden barrels. It is made from freshly harvested grape juice (Trebbiano grapes) that is boiled down to make a concentrate. Afterwards, it is aged to perfection with a minimum of 12 years in barrels. Such a long time turns humble grape juice into a rich, aromatic, and exquisitely flavored vinegar.


When both the apple and the balsamic vinegars are perfectly mature, the queen’s coronation begins. By masterfully blending them together, the result is a flawless union of the past and the present. With the taste of the past from the balsamic vinegar and the crisp taste of the red apple vinegar, your kitchen will never be the same again. For better.

With such an esteemed ingredient, one might think that it is hard for you to command it to your will, it is a queen after all. Don’t worry, it is not. Here are ways that you can enjoy it while dining like a true monarch:

  • Sauces

Sauces are notoriously hard to make. They can make or break an entire dish. Even if everything else is cooked to perfection, if the sauce is not good, the dish won’t be amazing either.With the help of Red Apple Balsamic Vinegar, a bland sauce can come to life. It can be added to any sauce that incorporates acid. Just make sure to not cook it on high heat because it will reduce the flavor profile of the vinegar.


  • Classy BBQ

Freshly cooked BBQ already looks so good, but we can still improve it.Drizzling Red Apple Balsamic Vinegar heightens its smoky flavor.The fruity taste complements the excellent flavor of the barbecue.

  • Chutney

For those who are not familiar with it, chutney can be made out of fruits, vegetables, sugar, herbs and spices that are mixed with vinegar. Common vinegar can be used to make it, but why would you settle for less?

  • Marinades

Through this process, meat absorbs a lot of flavor. By using Red Apple Balsamic Vinegar, you won’t just get the taste of vinegar.Any meat will surely have the rich taste of balsamic vinegar plus the fresh taste of apple cider.

You can now make food that can be the centerpiece of a royal banquet. To find out more about our premium-quality organic products, you can check out our website: Here at Sonoma Farms, we strive to bring the best and the highest quality products just for you.

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