Gourmet Giardiniera Hot Is Ideal For Making Some Yummy Dishes

Are you looking for spicy, tangy, healthy, yet delicious food ingredients made using virgin olive oil? Look no further than Giardiniera Hot! If you’re not familiar with Giardiniera, then you must know that Giardiniera Hot is made by using tons of chopped vegetables marinated together with virgin olive oil and vinegar. You will love to add the best Giardiniera hot with stronger olive notes in your gourmet food.

Giardiniera is often made up of canola oil, soybean or vegetable oil, olive oil or a mix of all those oils. It can be challenging to find Giardiniera made exclusively with olive oil because the other oils are better at preserving the Giardiniera ingrdients! But olive oil is the only excellent option, and it is far better than soybean or other veggie oils.


The ingredient in each Giaridniera jar is appropriate for you. The component includes virgin olive oil, pitted green olives, hot peppers, celery, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, carrots, cauliflower, spices, vinegar, salt, and lactic acid etc. All such ingredients are sourced from local farmers. Best quality and processed green olives are used on top of Giaridniera jar to produce a lovely olive flavor coming out of it. The combination of vegetables varies depending on what’s available and what you choose to use. Spice-seekers will love to have it in their home kitchen and also respect quality Giardiniera hot jars. If you prefer a more moderate version, just find the one without jalapeno peppers.


The extra virgin olive oil in the Giaridniera jar gives it a distinctive flavor and the olive oil is balanced nicely to bring a pleasant celery sense of taste. The crisp and tangy giardiniera leaves a pleasant impression to every pallet. The fresh spice ingredients in the jar give the Giardiniera a depth that you always desire to have in your food! High-quality garlic, onion powder, and paprika used in it provide this Giardiniera with a unique twist. Superior quality olive oil made with olive pomace, will give a smooth & non-greasy taste that rolls or move nicely inside your mouth. The signature “Giardiniera” is what makes your sandwich genuinely authentic. It is the one that makes your taste buds tingle. Some other ways to enjoy Giardiniera are:

  • Sausage sandwich
  • Meatball sandwich
  • Spaghetti, pizza topping
  • Over eggs
  • Topping for a garden salad
  • Used over sliced baguettes
  • Beef sandwich or Italian sausage.
  • Smoked or grilled meats
  • Works great on baccala or salmon or any other fish


The spice and tang of Giardiniera are excellent on any sandwich that is filled in tuna or egg salad and grilled cheese. It will give an overwhelming taste & fun twist when added to pasta, salad, sausages, smoked or grilled meats, and it’s incredible on eggs as well! It will really wake up your taste buds, and you will enjoy adding it to make numerous classic Chicago recipes.


Where to Buy It:

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