Functional Medicine – A Treatment Providing the Actual Health

“Health is Wealth” – it is an old but true fact! Nothing is more important than our health but in today’s world due to several factors we fail to keep ourselves healthy and fit. Numerous deadly diseases are conquering our bodies as we have forgotten what is actually being healthy means in the hustle and bustle of our lives.

Modern medical treatments are different from the actual health! And this is what functional medicine depicts. Functional medicine depicts the science of integrated working of the whole body. Functional medicine not only focuses on the symptoms of the disease but also on the root cause of the problem.

Functional Medicine – What it is?

It is a science related to the body’s work as an integrated whole. Unlike the modern medicine, where finding the symptoms, blaming the disease and then taming the symptoms is the principle, functional medicine focuses on the root of the disease and helps people become healthy. It aims to eliminate the factors that impede your health so that your body can function in its natural way.

There is a lot more to learn about functional medicine. Following are some of the principles provided by a renowned functional medicine doctor in Bend, Oregon that puts light on the significance of functional medicine. Have a look –

Principles of Functional Medicine

According to the functional medicine doctor in Bend Oregon, health means self-care and the following principles of functional medicine will provide you the right direction for leading a healthier and happier life.

  • Health does not imply the absence of disease from the body. The basic principle that functional medicine spreads is actual health is not just about eliminating the disease from a body but it is a state of immense strength and vitality.
  • As per functional medicine’s philosophy every human being is unique genetically as well as biochemically.  Because of this philosophy functional medicine offers a more personalized health care approach which focuses on the body of the individual and not the disease. To be brief, functional medicine provides the body what is necessary for it to function in the best possible way. It supports the healing mechanisms of your body naturally instead of focusing on eliminating the disease. It allows your body to heal itself from within!
  • Functional medicine although works just the opposite of modern medicines, but it is still a science-based approach. According to research all the components within the body are interconnected and work together as a whole, that is the reason why, functional medicine doctors focus on the entire body and not just the organ of the body that is being infected.
  • According to functional medicine doctors, human body has the capability to heal itself; therefore they focus on the body as a whole. Hence, when your body is healthy and functioning normally it maintains a balance between all the systems within it. Your body can heal itself and fight back with the diseases that come with aging if it gets the proper nutrients it needs to function at its best.

A reputed functional medicine doctor in Bend, Oregon encourages the patients to focus on their body and not let the presence of disease get in the way of leading a healthy life.

Conclusion: The functional medicine doctor in Bend, Oregon, at Inspired Health is a practiced professional.