Functional Medicine – A Lifelong Healing Approach!

Imagine you are not getting enough sleep, feeling anxious, your nose is stuffed up or your stomach is upset. Now, you visit your general practitioner and after five to ten minutes of conversation, he hands you a prescription and asks you to continue the medication until you feel okay. So do you think this is the best way to treat any disease? Is it the solution to your problem? It may offer you relief but that will be until you continue the medication. Hence, the answer in simple words is no!


So what approach one should follow? And the answer here is Functional Medicine. If you have been dealing with chronic health issues and looking for a safe, efficient and permanent solution to it, then get in touch with a functional doctor in Bend, Oregon today.

Why functional medicine is the best option? Let us find out:

  • Functional Medicine Focuses On You!

Talking in simplest terms functional medicine is a personalized and one-to-one therapeutic approach. This approach focuses on your health. In this approach the functional doctor and the patient work together to dig deeper and find out the root cause of the illness. A functional doctor examines the patient by analyzing their health history, lifestyle, environment and the underlying factors. After a thorough analyzation they develop a health-enhancing plan to help you restore your good health and get you on a lifelong wellness path.

  • Functional Medicine is Artisanal

It is a fact that true healing cannot be done overnight; it needs time, proper care and patience to heal completely. Functional doctors treat the entire person and not only the disease the person has. They spend hours to listen to their patient’s history, ask questions, and examine the genetic, lifestyle and environment patterns. And after that they design personalized healing plans for every patient.

  • Functional Medicine is a Combined Solution

Functional medicine is the combination of conventional medicine and the alternative therapies. It amalgamates the strengths of conventional medicine for acute care and the healing essence of alternative therapies. Functional doctors have the ability to tap into all the healing tools that include alternative, preventative and integrative medical practices. Along with these treatment approaches they pay special attention on diet, exercise, nutrition and supplementation. And the mixture of all these approaches offers a sustainable wellness and vitality to the patients.

  • Functional Medicine digs out the Cause

While the conventional medicine doctors diagnose the disease and then offer treatment based upon the diagnosis, functional doctors goes deeper and look for the underlying imbalances. Treating the underlying cause and disease mechanisms help them to provide a comprehensive and lifelong wellness solution.

  • Functional Medicine is a Health Transforming Mission

A functional doctor in Bend Oregon says that he aims to show their patients how their health can be transformed with functional medicine approach. For achieving the best possible results the doctors and patients need to work as partners on a mission to restore balance and health into the lives of the patients. They need to participate together in the process of slow transition from illness to wellness.

So if you are tired of the chronic illness and want to get rid of it in an effective and safe way, then functional medicine is your best bet. It is all about a journey that moves towards wellness and leaving behind illness.

Conclusion: Get lasting strategies for optimal health, and the reversal of chronic disease. Visit an experienced and practiced functional doctor in Bend, Oregon at Inspired Health.