Dry Brushing with Body Brush Massage – Stimulate Your Sluggish Lymphatic System

Detoxing is one of the most essential and best ways to keep our body healthy and toxin-free. Now, the term detoxing is often associated with detoxing drinks, but did you know you can detox your skin, the largest gland of your body simply with a brush? Sounds crazy right? But that’s absolutely true, dry brushing helps in detoxing our skin from the outside-in

So what is dry brushing all about? You will be surprised to know that dry brushing isn’t a new thing; in fact it is an ancient practice of stimulating the lymphatic system, exfoliating the skin and unlocking several other health benefits during the process.

At Glo we have designed the scientifically proven Body Brush Massage head using soft and flexible natural bristles that exfoliates, removes dead cells and impurities, reveals healthy skin, and helps in regaining a youthful, radiant and luminous glow on the skin.

How dry brushing helps?

According to studies it has been found that one of the most common hurdles in the detoxing process is a sluggish lymphatic system. Dry brushing revitalizes the body by activating the sluggish lymphatic system and blood circulation. Also, with regular dry brushing you can remove the lymphatic wastes from your body more efficiently that often gets accumulated due to stagnant lymph.

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