White Truffle Oil- The Diamond In Many Kitchens

White truffles are an elite and sought-after ingredient in many kitchens. A rare, edible fungus, they are highly prized for their aroma and flavor. But they are difficult to source, being found only in the soil damp forests in a time-consuming hunt. Additionally, they are seasonal and keep their potent flavor for only a short time after harvesting, making fresh truffles rare and quite expensive. That’s why many chefs and home cooks alike rely on white truffle oil to impart that same exquisite flavor to their dishes.


What is White Truffle Oil? 

True, premium white truffle oil is made by infusing flakes of premium-quality white truffles into a base oil (most commonly a high-quality olive oil), imparting the truffle’s flavor into the oil, and preserving it for use in your kitchen. Unfortunately, many products marketed as white truffle oil are made with a synthetic compound called 2,4-dithiapentane, which is derived from petroleum products, to create an artificial truffle flavor. Some of these even have flecks of dried truffle in the bottle to give the illusion of real truffle oil, though the flavor compounds of these dried husks would have long ago lost their potency.


Why do all too many manufacturers do this? Simply put, truffles are expensive – they can cost thousands of dollars per pound. Also, there’s no way to reliably extract the flavor compounds from truffles, as they are extremely volatile and generally vanish within five to eight days of harvesting. This also makes the large-scale production most manufacturers prefer impractical for using actual truffles.

That’s why it’s important to get your white truffle oil from a recognized supplier that uses real truffles in small batch production to create a genuine white truffle oil that preserves the unique, wonderful flavor of truffles for your dishes.


Offering the elite, legendary taste of white truffles at an affordable price – and any time of year – it’s no wonder truffle oil has become increasingly popular in both home and professional kitchens. The flavor of truffles brings a new dimension to foods of all sorts. Are you among those who’ve never experienced the authentic flavor of truffles? If you are – and you’re ready to try this sought-after flavor in your own home – then try a bottle of genuine white truffle extra virgin olive oil from Giorgio Truffles.

Their oil is well-known for its authentic truffle flavor, ensuring you get the true, earthy taste of real truffles in every bottle. So if you want to add the taste of truffles to your cooking, you can’t go wrong buying white truffle extra virgin olive oil from Giorgio Truffles.

Note that white truffle-infused extra virgin olive oil is heat sensitive, best added to food after cooking. Visit Giorgio Truffles at https://www.giorgiotruffleshop.com/ to learn more and order yours today! For more information email them at sheri@giorgiotruffleshop.com or call at 800-284-9838.