White Truffle Oil- A Useful Ingredient In Your Favorite Recipe

White truffles, depending on the variety, grow around the base of oak and hazelnut trees, and appear only seasonally. Harvesting still hinges on a time-honored technique of combing the woods and sniffing them out by using specially trained canines – a somewhat labor-intensive, hit-or-miss method which means that, even when white truffles are in season, the supply can be unsteady, and they don’t have a long shelf life.


That’s why, though white truffles are an incredible delicacy sought after in many kitchens and restaurants, they are also scarce and expensive, putting them out of reach for many. So, what can you do if you can’t get raw white truffles? Fortunately, there’s an easy and inexpensive alternative – white truffle oil. Available any time of year and much more affordable, white truffle oil lets you add the real flavor of raw white truffles to your favorite dishes.

And if you’re ready to try adding the authentic taste of white truffles to your food with white truffle oil, you need to make sure you’re choosing the best quality truffle oil that delivers the true, delicious flavor of white truffles – and the best way to make sure of that is to choose Giorgio Truffles. Their white truffle oil is make using slices of premium quality white truffles bursting with the natural flavor of the truffle and can elevate even the simplest of dishes.


Not suitable for cooking (heat diminishes the flavor), white truffle oil is best used as a dressing or a drizzle on your finished dishes to impart the truffle flavor that will amaze your guests. Creating sophisticated dishes is as easy as sprinkling on a few drops of white truffle oil!


Similar to mushrooms, truffles have a delicate flavor that doesn’t endure heat well. Thus, they are best eaten raw, and are usually shaved into thin slices and sprinkled over finished dishes to impart the full truffle flavor. But with an often-limited supply of this perishable product, fresh truffles usually are not an option for your kitchen.

Giorgio Truffles’ online store, however, offers white truffle oil year-round. This means you can have the flavor of white truffles in your kitchen any time you like. Try adding the earthy taste of truffles to pizza, pasta, burgers and more. Almost any dish can be elevated with the additional of authentic white truffle flavor.

Giorgio Truffle Shop

But while white truffle oil can put this delicious taste into the hands of any cook, not all truffle oils are the same. To get the true flavor of the best quality truffles, it’s important to find the right source – and that’s Giorgio Truffles.

The most recognized name in the gourmet food industry, they collect premium quality white truffles and oils from local farms and top producers in both Italy and California. That means you can always know you’re getting the very best from Giorgio Truffles – and with their easy online shopping and purchasing options, it’s never been easy to bring real truffle flavor to your kitchen. For more information email them at sheri@giorgiotruffleshop.com or call at 800-284-9838.






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