White Truffle Oil- A Pricey Delicacy Reserved For Gourmet Dishes

White truffle is a rare edible fungus highly prized for its unique flavor and aroma. It is known as the diamond of any kitchen. But fresh truffles are rare & difficult to source. They are also pricey as each ounce (28 grams) comes with a substantial price tag. However, using a small amount can transform your dish to its optimum level. You may not find the natural white doesn’t mean that you will not taste its potent flavor. You can taste the similar taste of a white truffle by using the premium quality white truffle oil that you find.


White truffle oil is the product made by infusing the best quality white truffle with premium quality virgin olive oil. It will contain the flavor compound that you found in white truffles. The aromatic compounds of the white truffles release their elusive flavor and aroma. It can be described as earthy, spicy, mushroomy to any taste bud. Premium quality white truffles used in the infusion process ensure you get the original & most well-rounded flavors. If someone never tasted an actual white truffle, they can be familiar with its flavor by using white truffle oil.


White truffles are the most delightful food ingredients for the food lover, home kitchen, and chefs. Of course, it shouldn’t be used for cooking since the heat would destroy the flavor. On the other hand, a few drops of white truffle oil sprinkled on a meal before serving, is enough to give a distinct flavour.  You can use it on eggs, pasta, pizza, mashed potatoes, vegetables, French fries, popcorn, risotto, and all other foods that can benefit from a judicious sprinkling of truffle oil. Leading chefs and home cooks, and restaurant chefs alike, often use white truffle oil to impart the mythical flavor and aroma of white truffle into savory dishes.


White truffle oil is considered a pricey delicacy, and chefs like to prepare gourmet dishes. There are plenty of ways to add white truffle oil to your diet without having to empty your bank account. Try it as a topping salads, soups, or main courses with a few shavings for a flavourful, aroma-packed garnish. You can mix a bit of white truffle oil into melted butter to use in your favorite recipes for a tasty twist. It works well in sauces, pasta, risottos, meat, or seafood dishes. Unfortunately, the compounds are highly volatile and quickly disappear. Fresh truffles hold their flavor and aroma for only about five days. But infused white truffle oil can retain its potency up to a couple of months if kept properly.


Buying white truffle oil online is much more affordable than raw white truffles. It is widely available at specialty markets and online retailers. Look for white truffle oils that are derived from natural ingredients, and avoid the words mentioned as “truffle aroma,” “essence,” or “flavor.”However, buying premium quality white truffle oil online is easy at Giorgio Truffle Shop! You can browse https://www.giorgiotruffleshop.com/ to know more about white truffle oil and their wholesale offerings.

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