What to expect during the Tulum Coba Cenote tour


There are various tour operators organizing tours to Tulum Coba Cenote. However, it is always best to be with a reputable local tour operator. If you are with one such tour operator during the Tulum Coba Cenote tour, you can expect to experience the following.

The places you will visit 

During the tour, you can be at two most emblematic Maya archeological sites. Namely, you can be at the Tulum “City of Dawn” and Coba “Place of Turbulent Waters.” Finally, the tour will have a relaxing experience in a beautiful cenote and enjoy a delicious lunch with a lakeside view.


Reputed tour operators will arrange for the best transportation in airconditioned cars or vans. The mode of transport depends on the number of vacationers in your group. They will pick you up from Puerto Morelos. The cars and vans are well-maintained and driven by professional drivers.

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Best guides 

A knowledgeable guide will always be with you. The guide has the best knowledge about Mayan history and culture and will explain to you in detail the importance of the places you visit. They will be speaking in English, so there will not be any language barrier. Moreover, they will not rush during the tour. So, you will have enough time to explore the places you visit. 

No fees to pay 

The tour cost includes all the fees that need to be paid during the tour. So, you do not have to pay any money during the tour. However, it is wise to have some cash in hand as there are no ATMs at those sites. You may require money to buy souvenirs and other items that you will love to carry back home. 

Guided visit 

You can expect a guided visit to Tulum and Coba’s archeological sites. These are the two most important Mayan ruins in Yucatan. When you are in Cobá, you can explore one of the largest Mayan cities that existed in the classic period.

Bicycle ride in Coba 

The tour operator will arrange for cycles in Coba. You can ride in the ruins on a cycle and store your energy to explore the entire ruin.

Have Snorkel equipment and life jackets

The tour operators will make arrangements for snorkel equipment and life jackets when you are in the Cenotes. Swimming is a phenomenal experience. There are other activities like kayak, zip-line, rappelling, or night scuba plunging that you can enjoy.

Meal buffet 

You can enjoy a Mexican lunch during the Tulum Coba Cenote tour. The tour operators will arrange for delicious cooking of Mexican dishes so that you have exposure to the best Mexican delicacies while you are amongst the Mayan ruins or have a lakeside view.

Snacks and water

You do not have to spend your money to buy snacks and buffets when you are with a reputable tour operator. They will arrange for snacks and water.

The highlight of this tour will be the exploration of the Mayan ruins while you have a comfortable and safe journey and stay.

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