What Is White Truffle Oil And Why We Should Go Crazy Over It

Have you ever felt like your dish needs more depth to it? Sometimes, even if we have already used up all of our skills while cooking, it seems like the end result lacks something. White Truffle Oil is perfect for this situation. It turns any food that you make into something that can come out of five-star restaurants. Prized for their aroma and earthy flavor, truffles are really hard to come by, but there’s a way for you to enjoy them at your very own home.


White truffle is a rare edible fungus which is widely known for its unique flavor profile and captivating aroma. There are lots of species of truffles, but only a handful of them are edible.They mainly grow on tree roots in very specific climates. Fresh truffles are difficult to find since they are buried and it takes a lot of experience to know where to dig. The moment that they are taken out of the ground, they start to steadily lose flavor, so they must be sold and consumed as soon as possible.

Due to high demand and its taste, truffles come with a hefty price tag that could be up to $7 per gram in some restaurants.If you want to treat your palate with its flavor, you don’t really have to spend that much. White Truffle Oil has the same earthy flavor as the freshest truffles with the added advantage of being able to use it anytime that you would like.


White Truffle Oil is made by infusing fresh white truffles with premium-quality virgin olive oil.The aromatic compounds and exquisite taste of the white truffles are perfectly blended with the oil. This way, the delicate flavor of the truffle is preserved to its peak condition. To ensure that the taste is held to the highest possible quality, only truffles that pass the strictest standards are being used.

You don’t need to be a Michelin Star certified chef to produce mouthwatering dishes with White Truffle Oil.To maximize and preserve its flavor, the oil shouldn’t be subjected to high temperatures by cooking it. It is advisable to simply drizzle or add it at the end of the cooking process. It can be used on food as simple as eggs, mashed potatoes, freshly cooked vegetables, rich Risottos, and even to complicated dishes.


From the roots of towering trees in the forest, to the hands of skillful truffle hunters, to the plate, and lastly to our craving palates, truffles exude luxury.You don’t really have to spend too much just to enjoy its flavor. The same sophisticated and earthy taste can now be found in a bottle. Behind the tinted glass, its rich flavor lies asleep. Ready to awaken to every drop that you will pour.

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