What Is Cleft Palate Deformities And How It Is Treated With Surgery

Cleft palate is a kind of deformity inside the mouth, often congenital in nature. It is nothing but a split in the roof of the mouth. It happens due to an inappropriate union of facial tissues during the process of fetus’s development in the mother’s womb. Cleft palate is a gap in the palate and is recognized quickly at the time of birth. According to its physical appearances, the types of cleft deformities of the palate are categorized as

  • Incomplete cleft palate – The split occurring in the soft palate/ back of the mouth
  • Complete cleft palate – Cleft or split occurring in both the hard and soft palate exposing the mouth and nose cavities
  • Sub-mucous cleft palate- It is a case where an aperture involves soft and hard palate and covered by the mucous membrane. It needs careful examination to get visualized!


In addition to the above physical identification signs, the cleft palate deformities will lead to cause

  • Stuttering, speech disorder and/ or impaired voice
  • Difficulty in breathing and speaking
  • Feeding difficulties in new-born and above
  • Nasal congestion and breathing inability
  • Loss of hearing (in some cases).

Who treats children with a cleft palate?

Cleft palate deformities occur in the mouth regions with numerous nerve endings muscles. It needs exceptional care as the slightest of mistakes can be risky or life-threatening for the patient and sometimes cause permanent damage. Conducting the surgical procedure to treat cleft palate deformities needs specialists to address issues. A team of physicians consisting of plastic surgeons, dentists, ENT specialists, anesthesiologists, Speech Pathologists & Therapists, Audiologists, Psychologistsand other medical support staff work together to correct cleft palate surgical means. The healthcare crew works together to build a plan of care to meet every cleft affected patient’s particular needs and initiates for a comprehensive cleft care program.


Treatment of cleft palate with surgery

A cleft palate treatment requires a couple of surgical procedures spread over 15-18 years. The first surgical procedure to repair the cleft palate happens typically when the baby is between 6 and 12 months old. The preliminary cleft palate surgery carefully repositions the muscle tissues to close the cleft to rebuild the mouth’s roof. The issue may happen on either side of the cleft palate, and advanced surgical techniques are applied to reposition or unites the palate tissues. It will assist the sensitive palate to go closer and aids in the proper development of teeth and facial bones. It is finally stitched along the midline of the mouth’s roof to provide extras length of the palate. It will enhance the regular feeding and speech ability throughout life.

cleft lip

Children exhibiting palate deformity also need bone grafting to give a better shape to their jaw. But it can achieve only when the child attains eight years of age. Reputed cleft palate surgery in Lebanon also does the ‘Bone graft to fill up the gum-line to support permanent teeth and stabilize the jaw-line. They did the preliminary cleft palate surgery of children with cleft palate deformities successfully. They also supports in necessary follow-up surgical procedures to improve the child’s eating, speaking & listing ability. Gradually the child not only smiles like others but also learns to speak correctly without hesitation.


A cleft palate is readily treated with surgery! Ortho 1 Clinic is a renowned dental clinic in Lebanon that provides excellent cleft palate and lip surgery, which is very useful for making a lifelong difference in the life of a child and their family. They have specialists who work together to address the cleft palate issue and its restoration for normal function and appearance. If you may have a few additional questions in mind then contact Ortho 1 Clinic at +961 3 186072 , +961 6 220441 today!

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