What Is Balsamic Aged And What Are Its Best Uses

Balsamic vinegar is a one-of-a-kind product that takes time to elaborate. It is a unique product explicitly made using a specific grape in a particular region in Italy. It is aged for a precise length of time (25-30 years or even more) in a specific type of barrel, and on and on. The aging process makes this vinegar thick, slightly sweet, and syrup-like consistency. An industry consortium in Italy bestows a stamp of approval to barrel-aged-balsamic-vinegar that meets these precise parameters. It is also packed in a specialized bottle and sold in the market under a different brand name.


Moreover, the traditional balsamic aged vinegar is not like average commercial grade vinegar! They’re just a completely different product. The aging process brings out so much sweetness and thickness to it. They aren’t very acidic and are good enough to make a delicious salad dressing & they are very much excellent in marinades. You can apply the intensifying flavor and aroma of good quality balsamic-aged vinegar in numerous ways. Some of them are as follows.

Use it as a sauce- Using aged balsamic vinegar in the dressings brings some extraordinary twist to your barbecue preparation. Mixing balsamic into sauce balances the sweetness of brown sugar and using it after cooking will give a nice tang to your cooked or baked food.

Use to make a cocktail- You can try aged balsamic vinegar in every drink, including cocktails from sangria to an old-fashioned to a Bellini! It’s often found to bring super taste while mixed with cocktails. It will give a light acidity & floral flavor to your drinks. You can add a few drops of balsamic to soda water or lemonade for a non-alcoholic intake.


Use it as a dipping – Create your appetizer at home by adding balsamic aged vinegar & different Italian spices to olive oil and serving with a few slices of warm, crusty bread.

Use it on baked fruit- Using balsamic vinegar on baked fruit brings extra taste to your appetizer. Drizzling a few drops atop at the end of baking makes the backed fruit unique.

Use it in soup- You can achieve some extraordinary taste & a bold flavor while garnishing it over your favorite soup before serving.

Add it to stewed meat: Applying balsamic aged to braising meats adds a rich, robust flavor to it.

Drizzle it on roasted vegetables- You can bring a unique flavor to the roasted brussels sprouts, asparagus, carrots, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant, and green beans by adding aged balsamic vinegar.


Use it in yogurt: Add balsamic aged into a bowl of yogurt vinegar and use toppings like nuts, dried fruit, and granola to bring some added taste to your appetizer.

Use it to serve sweets- Aged balsamic vinegar has an amazing syrupiness and it will generate extra taste while paired with any desserts. The sweetness of aged balsamic vinegar brings delightful flavor to the deserts like ice cream, tarts, fruits, and even brownies!


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