What Conditions Need To See A Neurologist Doctor Near Me

Neurologist Doctor

A neurologist is a healthcare professional who diagnoses, treats and manages conditions that affect the nervous system. Neurological disorders can have a big impact on how you talk, think or move. Neurological symptoms relies on what part of the system is affected. The patient may experience pain & changes in any of their 5 senses. A neurologist doctor near me has expertise essential to diagnose & treat a wide range of conditions. Listed below are the top 5 reasons to see a neurology doctor. 

You experience neuropathic pain:

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Neuropathic pain occurs when nerves are damaged from disease or injury. Diabetes can be the main cause of this sort of nerve injury. Also you may experience neuropathic pain from damage to your brain or spinal cord. This sort of pain can happen following a stroke. Since neuropathic pain doesn’t go away with typical pain killer, a neurologist can aid you avail the best possible treatment. 

You experience frequent migraines:

Regular & extreme headaches are a prevalent reason to visit the clinic of a neurologist. Migraines can occur & last from a few hours to several days. You will experience excruciating pain. Also you may feel nauseous & be sensitive to strong odours, light or loud noise. Visiting a neurologist may help you discover what is stimulating your migraines & find out how to get rid of them. A neurologist also may prescribe drug to prevent a migraine or stop a migraine when it occurs. 

You’ve seizures:

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Seizures can trigger strange sensations, loss of consciousness or uncontrolled movements. To find the root cause, your neurologist may ask for brain testing & imaging. Sometimes treating the toot cause can prevent the seizures from happening. There’re several drugs that can prevent or decrease seizures. A neurologist will find the best treatment for you & aid you manage the condition. 

You’ve multiple sclerosis:

Multiple sclerosis or MS is la lifelong disorder related to brain & spinal cord. MS symptoms can include changes in vision, numbness, weakness and tingling sensations.  Symptoms may come & go, but they progress gradually. Your neurologist will ask for an imaging study of your spinal cord and brain to make a diagnosis. There are many drugs that can control the multiple sclerosis attacks. A neurologist will work with you to find the best possible treatment. 

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