Understanding Lingual Orthodontic Treatment

Lingual braces are the types of braces placed behind the teeth, facing the palate and tongue. But the traditional braces are present in front of teeth. Lingual braces are the right cosmetic alternative for those people prefer straightening their teeth without any visible metal brackets.

These braces are invisible that make them extremely popular among adults. They are right alternatives for models, actors and people who are constantly in the eyes of public. These braces can fix difficult dental problems like gaps, rotations and can change the heights of teeth.

Most patients considering braces should maintain proper dental hygiene and brush their teeth at least once in a day. If you neglect hygiene, discoloration can happen on your teeth after removing braces. Though lingual braces are placed behind the teeth, this discoloration won’t be visible.

How do lingual braces work?

Generally, lingual braces work like the same as traditional braces. They are made up of same materials and are used to fix same dental issues. Schedule an appointment with your orthodontist every six to eight weeks and adjust the braces to allow your teeth go to their proper positions.

If you’ve decided to get lingual braces, your orthodontist may take a dental impression or scan your teeth. These brackets are custom made as per the teeth of every patient and you’ll need to wear them between 18-24 months, depending on the severe conditions of dental issues.

Why do you wear lingual braces?

Flexibility –

Lingual braces are more flexible that means they don’t require to be placed on teeth. The treatment plan depends on the dental problems you’ve. If you don’t have any underlying medical conditions like an irregular bite, then an orthodontist can keep the braces on the teeth that needs straightening. A complete cosmetic treatment costs less as the braces will be installed where they’re required.

Hygiene –

The lingual braces are invisible. It may be harder to brush your teeth and clean the brackets. Hence, you can buy a dentist’s mirror. It will allow you get a better overview of what requires to be cleaned. Therefore, a dentist’s mirror can be worthy investment.

Placement of Braces –

The material and procedure of lingual braces are same like traditional braces. The braces should be present behind the teeth, providing almost complete invisibility. These braces are perfect for people who don’t want to show off their straightened teeth.

Bottom Line –

Lingual braces are the ideal tool for teeth straightening and those who deal with more severe dental problems while providing discretion simultaneously. They are completely invisible and excellent options for people whose professional or social situation doesn’t allow using traditional braces.

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