Tour Guided Chichen Itza-Here’s Everything You Need To Know About!

Chichen Itza is the most popularly known Mayan Ruins in Mexico. The place is easily accessible from all towns and cities on the Yucatan Peninsula on a day trip. This impressive archaeological site in Mexico astounds us until today how knowledgeable and extraordinary Maya people were in every aspect of their lives – architecture, mathematics, or astrology.

Historians believe that Chichen Itza was built and rose to prominence due to its proximity to the Xtoloc cenote, an underground source of fresh water.

It’s one of the most-visited and well-known places in the Americas. To put it simply, Chichen Itza is on every Mexican itinerary. And seeing the ancient Mayan city is a dream of every traveler.

So, how about a tour guided Chichen Itza? The sacred cenotes, iconic pyramids, and the mysterious Maya civilization will be worth exploring.

What Are The Main Attractions in Chichen Itza?

  1. Pyramid Of Kukulcan

Otherwise known as El Castillo, the Pyramid of Kukulcán is the most important and most photographed building in Chichen Itza. This is also the highest pyramid in Chichen Itza. It’s 30 metre high, has 365 steps, and was used by the Mayans as a calendar according to current knowledge. Crazy, right?

If you find someone clapping his/her hands in front of the ruin site, there’s a reason for this. Loud hand clapping will create the echoing sound of a bird.

  1. Temple Of The Warrior

The Temple of the Warrior is a large structure consisting of four platforms and a wide staircase leading to the top. Next to the staircase, you will find statues holding bowls in hands, probably used during religious rituals.


  1. Wall Of Skulls

The Wall of Skulls shows cut off human heads of enemies sacrificed to gods or defeated in war.

  1. El Caracol

The observatory serves for star gazing. It’s a circular shaped structure with two platforms, staircases, and a small window.

  1. The Ball Court

This is the most impressive place within Chichen Itza. Every Mexican Mayan archaeological site has a ball court, but the Chichen Itza Ball Court is considered to be the largest.

  1. Group Of 1000 Columns

The group is adjacent to the Temple of the Warriors on its south side. It is also known as Grupo de las Mil Columnas. The place is supposed to have been treated as a place of get together or indoor markets. Close by, you can also see other attractions like the Mercado, a steam bath, Juego de Pelota.

  1. Tomb of the High Priest

The Tomb of the High Priest is also called Tumba del Gran Sacerdote. It represents the influences of both Toltec and Puuc. The 30 ft pyramid has stairways on both sides and underneath you will find an ossuary, a public graveyard in a natural limestone cavern, where offerings and skeletons have been found.

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