Three Unique Ways To Use Black Truffle Oil In Your Kitchen

If you enjoy being creative in the kitchen and are looking for a new ingredient, why not try black truffle oil? With a complex, earthy flavor, black truffle oil can add a sophisticated touch to your cooking with just a few drops. All it takes is a quality black truffle oil and a little creativity.


A Word of Advice

Before we give some specific suggestions on how to use black truffle oil, we should note that the flavor of black truffles is more potent than other truffles, and it’s best to pair this more robust flavor with food that also has a stronger flavor. Add it to sauces, drizzle it over hearty meat dishes, or add a touch of it to a vinaigrette. You can even use it to give a boost to the milder flavor of summer truffles.


It also can be used with certain mild foods like pastas, potato dishes, or eggs, but be careful to use it sparingly so as not to overpower the dish. And remember that the oil is delicate when it comes to heat – drizzle it on finished foods, but don’t try to cook with it.

Suggestions for Using Black Truffle Oil 

There are several ways you can use black truffle oil to liven up not only gourmet dishes, but simple snacks and more standard fare as well. Here are just a few suggestions:


Over Popcorn

Popcorn by itself is a blank canvas when it comes to flavor. We all know you can add salt and butter to make it a tasty movie-night snack, but how about something more refined? Just a drizzle of black truffle oil can make your everyday popcorn into something extraordinary that will wow your family.

On French Fries

Whether you’re using store-bought French fries from a bag, or cutting your own, a little black truffle oil can really add an extra layer of flavor. Try it with a little grated Parmesan cheese to make this everyday side into something amazing!


As a Pizza Topping

When making pizza at home, you’re free to add whatever ingredients you like, from different cheeses to your favorite meats and veggies. But a little black truffle oil drizzled over the pizza right after it comes out of the oven gives your pizza a new depth of flavor you won’t soon forget.

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