The Importance Of Early Cleft Palate Surgery

If your child has a cleft palate, then you are not alone. It is that every three minutes, childbirth happens with a cleft palate. Estimates have shown that 1 out of 940 childbirths occurs with a cleft palate. If your child is one of them, then you can have cleft palate surgery in Lebanon at reputed clinics. It is best to have the operation done early so that the child does not face problems later and can lead an everyday life.


What is a cleft palate?

Your baby can take birth with an opening in the lip or the palate and then it is diagnosed as cleft palate or cleft lip. During the first 6 to 10 months of pregnancy, the bones and tissues of the baby’s jaws, nose and mouth fuse to form the roof of the mouth. If this fusion does not happen properly, then the baby takes birth with an opening in the palate.

Surgery under general anesthesia can happen at reputed clinics when the child is 9 to 12 months old to repair the opening.

cleft lip

Reasons for having early treatment

It is best to have the surgery as soon as possible. As a child grows, they can face social distancing from other children if there happen to be such facial deformities. It is best to have the surgery before they face such social discomfort.

The doctors’ team will also address the issues that the child may face due to a cleft pallet. The child may face problems speaking and hearing. If the surgery happens early, the child can develop naturally without facing the trouble of talking or listening.

The team of doctors treating the child

There will be a team of doctors treating the child who is born with a cleft palate. There will be plastic surgeons, ENT specialists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, speech-language pathologists, and audiologists in the team along with the pediatrician.


Plastic surgeons attending the child correct the soft palate’s muscles and reorganize the tissues to close the cleft. The surgery will happen under general anesthesia and the child will need to stay at the hospital for a short period for recovery.

There will be more surgeries required as the child grows. Surgeries like pharyngoplasty can help the child speak correctly and have bone grafts to stabilize the permanent teeth that grow.


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