The Best Ways To Use Black Truffle Oil 

Have you recently brought a black truffle oil from reputed manufacturers and distributors in the USA and wondering how to use it? If your position is such then you are on the right page. We will be discussing a few recipes where you can use black truffle oil to make your dishes more delicious.

Precautions while using black truffle oil

However, before you proceed to discuss some of the tasty recipes, we need to address a precaution that you need to follow. It would be wiser to use black truffle oil as a finishing oil rather than cooking oil. This means that you need to drizzle truffle oil over your cooked dishes rather than cook with it. Cooking with the oil will compromise the flavor and benefits so, it is not wiser to do such. You also need to be cautious while adding truffle oil, do not add an excess of the oil.


Recipes using black truffle oil 

There are various recipes where you can use black truffle oil from the gallon that you have purchased. Let us have a look at some of those.

Use with Risotto 

The ingredients that you will be required will be sliced mushrooms, butter, crushed or diced garlic, and sliced spring onion. You will also be requiring water or white wine, risotto rice, vegetable stock, salt, and pepper according to taste, grated Parmesan cheese, and black truffle oil. You need to add the first set of ingredients to a frying pan and cook until the mushroom turns light brown. You then need to add water or wine and the risotto rice and cook the rice. You need to warm the broth and add that to the rice. Add the remaining ingredients, mix with the rice and serve hot.


Steak Tartare 

To cook this delicious dish, you will just require 15 minutes, and can have 150 calories. You will be requiring beef tenderloin, egg yolks, black truffle oil, and salt. You need to remove the excess fat from the beef and finely mince the meat. You then need to add the egg yolks, salt, and oil. You need to mix it and serve it for your family members to eat.

Use with roasted Brussels sprouts 

It takes a bit longer to cook, the cooking time is 45 minutes, and is possible to have 90 calories. You will be requiring Brussels sprouts, black truffle oil, olive oil, and sea salt and pepper. You need to roast the sprouts and mix the other ingredients before you serve.


Reasons to use black truffle oil 

It would not be out of place to know some of the benefits possible to have eating black truffle oil daily. You can have benefits due to the antibacterial properties, control of blood sugar level, and prevent cancer and liver damage. It is also possible to manage the level of cholesterol and fight inflammation.

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