Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy: An Innovative Approach To Treat Symptomatic Internal Hemorrhoids

stapled haemorrhoidectomy in Singapore

Internal hemorrhoids also known as piles lie inside the rectum. You usually can’t see or feel such swollen veins as they appear in the lower part of the anus and rectum. But it will get strained & irritated while stool passes through the walls of these vessels. Internal haemorrhoids can cause a great deal of agony and trouble. Sometimes it can cause painless bleeding during bowel movements. These vessels can get irritated when their walls are stretched. Individuals who have them will need due care from an experienced colorectal surgeon who provides compassionate care and effective solutions! If you are in Singapore, then Crest Surgical Practice is your trusted destination for haemorrhoid surgery in Singapore.

While there are several treatment options for symptomatic internal haemorrhoids! A relatively recent surgical operation known as stapled hemorrhoidectomy has come to light. Such surgical therapy provides satisfactory results in comparison to conservative measures, especially for grade III and IV haemorrhoids. This surgical technique & approach has been proven to be very effective for grade III and IV haemorrhoids. This surgical technique has a huge impact on people with internal haemorrhoids.

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Stapled hemorrhoidectomy is a procedure for the treatment of symptomatic internal haemorrhoids. The expert surgeon at Crest Surgical Practice conducts a Stapled hemorrhoidectomy procedure for prolapsed haemorrhoids (PPH). They offer minimally invasive surgical techniques designed to address the challenges posed by internal haemorrhoids. They aim to correct the anatomical issues associated with haemorrhoids. The more effective and less painful solution makes people prefer stapled haemorrhoidectomy in Singapore.

Under this procedure, the surgeons at Crest Surgical Practice will remove the excess haemorrhoidal tissue. They use a circular stapling device above the haemorrhoidal tissue. They reposition the remaining tissue into its original location. It will limit the blood supply and force the haemorrhoids to shrink naturally! It seems to be minimally invasive, in contrast to standard hemorrhoidectomy. It also has a shorter recovery time hence there will be shorter hospital stays.

The treatment of symptomatic internal haemorrhoids at Crest Surgical Practice has advanced with the introduction of stapled hemorrhoidectomy. People who are thinking about this option should speak with Crest Surgical Practice to find out if they are fit for such a medical procedure. They provide effective care for people looking for relief from the difficulties associated with internal haemorrhoids.