Some Unique Ways To Use Black Truffle Oil In Cooking

We all desire to try cooking various items at your house or during parties. It might not be as good as our mother, wife, or daughter; however, using black truffle oil might help us to add a sophisticated touch to our cooking. Yes, it is not only the truffle oil as we require some creativity on our part. So, let us know about creative ways to use such oil and astonish all.


A word of caution 

Before we go into the recipe, it is wise to know that oil from black truffle has a more potent and robust flavor and is best to use with stronger food. It is wise to add such oil to sauces; you can drizzle the oil over meat dishes or wild mushroom ragout or add a small portion to the vinaigrette.

You can also use it to enhance the flavor of fresh summer truffles. Some mild foods like pasta, potatoes, risotto, polenta, corn, cheese, and eggs are those where you can use oil from the black truffle. You need to use a small amount of the oil, drizzle it, and not cook with it. Ultimately, we would like to say that the decision to use white or black truffle oil is entirely personal.


The actual recipes to use black truffle oil 

There are various ways you can use the oil of black truffle. We discuss some ways to do so.

Over popcorn

Popcorns without any added flavor can be a blank canvas. You can add traditional salt and butter to make it tasty, but that does not make it have a gourmet feel. Drizzling oil of black truffle to your salt and butter mix can add a new level.

With French Fries

You may be using homemade or store-bought French fries, and to make that tastier, you can drizzle black truffle oil that you have brought from reputed manufacturers and distributors. Then, to make it more delicious, you can add freshly grated Parmesan cheese.


Over Pizza

If you make pizza at home, you can transform this comfort food into a high-class dish. Adding a small amount of truffle oil over the cooked pizza will be a delightful addition to bread, cheese, and oil.


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