Get The Premium Quality White Truffle Oil Online To Add A Unique Taste To Your Food

Truffles are a variety of edible fungus that grows in the soil in damp forests, most commonly near the roots of trees. Though hunting for them is still a difficult and time-consuming process, they are much sought-after for their flavor and aroma, and are used to bring that earthy flavor into a variety of dishes. They are also infused into oils (generally a premium quality olive oil) to preserve that flavor beyond the truffle’s own short shelf life. While oils are made from either white or black truffles, let’s specifically discuss white truffle oil.


As noted, white truffles – like all truffles – are rare and difficult to harvest, as well as being available only seasonally. And once out of the ground, their potency diminishes rapidly. That’s why leading truffle oil manufacturers use the highest quality white truffles as quickly as possible after harvesting to create premium white truffle oils cooks of all kinds crave. And because actual truffles are well outside the budget of most cooks – white truffles can sell for as much as $2,000 a pound! –this oil offers food lovers a much more affordable way to enjoy that exquisite taste. Not to mention, truffle oil is available online and year-round, free from the truffle’s limits of season and shelf-life.


The sublime flavor, unique aroma, and scarcity of white truffles combine to make them such an expensive andlegendary ingredient in cooking across the globe, coveted by chefs, home cooks, and food lovers alike. The flavor of white truffles enhances all sorts of dishes, from eggs to pasta to risotto. Even poultry, meats, and fresh cheese are enhanced by the delicate flavor of white truffles.


However, it is rare to actual cook truffles when using them. The delicate truffle’s flavor compounds are quite volatile and degrade rapidly when the truffle is heated causing that unique flavor to evaporate. Rather, truffles tend to be added as a finishing agent. So it is with white truffle oil – it is best used it over the top of hot, cooked food just before serving, letting the warmth of the dish activate the truffle’s aroma and flavor without diminishing it.


Where can you buy white truffle oil?

White truffle oil can be purchased at specialty departmental stores, food stores, or high-end grocery stores. Unfortunately, not all white truffle oils are the same. The best white truffle oil uses only all-natural ingredients and is made by infusing actual white truffles into a quality olive oil. But many manufacturers use what they call “truffle aroma” or “truffle essence” or similar terms to refer to chemical mimicry of the white truffles. Even brands that have actual flecks of truffle in the bottle can use these sorts of tricks.

Be sure to always check the label to make sure your truffle oil is free from these mysterious ingredients. And to be sure you’re getting the best quality and flavor, accept only a genuine, all-natural white truffle oil. For that, it’s best to rely on a leading and trusted online supplier of white truffle oil, Giorgio Truffles.

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