Four Ways To Use Truffle Oil In Your Kitchen

Is your family starting to grumble about the same old dishes at dinner? If so, you may be wondering how you can revitalize mealtimes and make your family excited to sit at the dinner table again. Well, truffle oil can be just the thing. And with a gallon of truffle oil from reputable suppliers such as Giorgio Truffle Shop, you can use that wonderful truffle flavor to punch up your dishes for weeks to come.


Different Ways to Use Truffle Oil 

Truffle oil makes the exquisite and exclusive flavor of truffles available to almost any home cook. Both white and black truffles have an intense, complex flavor that some find difficult to fully describe, though most use terms like “woody” or “earthy”. But all agree that truffle flavor adds a new dimension of flavor to a wide variety of dishes.

Use It with Popcorn

Popcorn is a blank canvas with no real flavor of its own. That’s why popcorn is seldom eaten without the addition of butter and salt. But there is an even more delicious option for a popcorn topper, one that adds a new level of flavor to this everyday movie snack – truffle oil.

The next time you’re having popcorn on movie night, add just a bit of truffle oil to the standard salt and butter on top, and enjoy a more gourmet snack.


Drizzle It Over French fries

French fries are a near universal comfort food. And there’s no end to the variations to add flavor to fries, from ketchup to cheese and chili. But how about a classier substitute – truffle oil? After frying to a golden brown and draining the fries, just add some grated Parmesan cheese, sea salt, and a drizzle of truffle oil. Serve alongside burgers or your other favorite sandwiches and wow your guests.

Liven up Your Pizzas

Making pizza at home means you have endless options of crust and toppings you can try. And one option certain to elevate your pizza is adding a little truffle oil. If you’re making a white pizza, try a drizzle of white truffle oil since the lack of acidity from tomatoes will let the delicate flavor of the truffle take center stage. The truffle oil should be drizzled on right before serving. 


It should be noted that truffle oil should never be used for cooking, but as a finishing oil to add to cooked dishes. Heating the oil can degrade both the truffle flavor and the flavor of the olive oil base itself.

Use it to Jazz up Eggs

Eggs are a regular fixture on dining tables from breakfast to dinner. And they are eaten in a variety of forms from scrambled to fried to baked in soufflé. And whatever form eggs take on your table, the mushroom-like flavor of truffle oil pairs wonderfully with them.


Other great ways to use truffle oil include adding it to soups, as an ingredient n a vinaigrette, drizzled over roasted potatoes, or as an ingredient in a dipping oil for bread.

This is just a sample of the many ways you can spice up meals with truffle oil, and with a gallon of truffle oil from Giorgio Truffle Shop you can experiment to your heart’s content. So, call Giorgio Truffle Shop and call 708-834-0025 to place your order today. Fore more information email at or you can call at 800-284-9838 .