Five Surprising Health Benefits Of Truffle Oil

Oil has never been the first thing to come to our mind when we think of eating healthy. Some even avoid using it at all when cooking. It is true that some oils are not that healthy, but Truffle Oil is unlike other oils. Truffles are rare fungus that grows on the roots of trees. They only grow in specific climates and within a short window time every year. They are aromatic, flavorful, and surprisingly healthy too.


Individuals experiencing hypertension, elevated cholesterol levels, diabetes, inflammation, bad circulation, and weak immune system can benefit greatly from using Truffle Oil instead of regular ones from the market.

Here are five health benefits that you can get when using Truffle Oil:

It is Good for Heart Health 

Olive oil is mixed with a concentrated extract of truffles to form Truffle Oil. It contains a healthy amount of monounsaturated fats and helps in managing cholesterol levels by diminishing LDL-cholesterol, or commonly known as bad cholesterol. This lowers the risk of cardiovascular conditions like heart complications, arteriosclerosis which is a buildup of cholesterol inside arteries, and even strokes.


It Lessens Inflammation 

Truffle extract and olive oil have excellent anti-inflammatory properties. They contain Oleocanthal which has similar anti-inflammatory properties to ibuprofen. Inflammation is the natural response of our body to fight infection, but when it goes out of control, it also damages healthy cells that are around it.

It Enhances Circulation 

Truffle oil has anticoagulant compounds, which makes it helpful in promoting better circulation. This prevents heart complications and stroke. Anticoagulants prevent excessive blood clots that usually happen due to physical trauma or internal bleeding. These clumps of blood can be carried away into smaller arteries and can cause a blockage that cuts blood supply in that area of the body.


It Helps to Manage Diabetes 

Olive oil and truffle extract both have high amounts of antioxidants. Research says that these compounds are also crucial in fighting diabetes. According to a new report by the Journal of Nutrition and Diabetes, the use of olive oil reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. Diabetics can enjoy tasty food with Truffle Oil in moderate amounts without the fear of health risks that normal cooking oil can bring.

It has Anticancer Properties

Antioxidants not only help fight against diabetes; they also play a significant role in preventing cancers. They remove free radicals in our body which causes damages to cells. Damaged cells can eventually turn into cancer if left unchecked. Truffle Oil contains a lot of this compound. Using it in food daily in exchange for normal cooking oil makes your dishes taste better, and healthier too.


Consuming Truffle Oil helps to build a strong immune system. The antioxidants and their anti-inflammatory properties help in promoting the healthy growth of cells. It is not common for oils to have this many benefits when consumed. With the added fact that this ingredient tastes amazing, you won’t have any trouble at all in incorporating this into your daily diet. To see these effects, why not try it for yourself?

To properly enjoy Truffle Oil, first, you need to pick the right one. High-quality oils have a smooth and complex flavor. This means that the organic compounds that bring their taste and health benefits are still there and not filtered. Oils that have little to no taste are most likely filtered out so you won’t have the same benefits in consuming them. Cooking and preparation play important roles too. Extreme heat can destroy those compounds and affect the flavor so it is advisable to use it in medium to low heat. You can also use Truffle Oil to drizzle the dish that you want. Imagine having an ingredient that not only tastes good, but also helps in your well-being, right in your very own kitchen.


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