Few Truffle Oil Recipes That Will Certainly Impress Others 

If you like to have restaurant-quality French fries or tasty pasta sauce, which are aromatic, rich, and delicious you cannot avoid using truffle oil. Using this oil and cooking will help you to steal the show at even the fanciest dinner parties. If you are looking for a few rapid and easy appetizers having a few ingredients or making a wow meal at your house or restaurant it is for sure some of the recipes here are those that you can cook. However, the first thing you have to do is to be at the store of a reputed manufacturer and distributor to buy a gallon of truffle oil as you will be using it quite frequently.


Before we start discussing the recipes it is wise to know that truffle oil is best used as a finishing oil than cooking oil. This means you need to add oil to the cooked dishes to enhance their flavor and taste. Moreover, you also need to remember that you do not overdo drizzling the oil. If you heat the oil, you will be compromising the flavor of the oil. Now, let us know about some of the ways you can use truffle oil to enhance the flavor and taste of your food.

Use with popcorn 

Popcorn may be a favorite snack while watching Netflix or any game on the TV. However, all might be complaining about the blunt taste of the dish. Buy a gallon of truffle oil and without letting others know drizzle some amount of the oil over the popcorn and serve those. You will notice how amazed your family members are and how soon the snack dish finishes. To make the dish tastier, you can add dried parsley, grated Parmesan cheese, and sea salt. By doing this you can take the movie night to the next level.


Make mashed sweet potato tasty 

If you desire to astonish your guest with a simple dish of mashed sweet potato then you cannot avoid truffle oil. You just need to add truffle oil and chicken bouillon granules to make the dish to be liked by all even those who dislike eating sweet potatoes.

Tasty burger sliders

A crowd-pulling recipe is to massage the oil into ground chuck while you are making burger patties. If you pair this with mushrooms cooked in red wine, you will notice how tasty the burger is and how happy you all enjoy eating it.

Make truffle bruschetta 

If you are looking for the best appetizer for your next party, you can make Baguette slices. You need to use a mix of cream cheese, truffle oil, bell pepper, and mushrooms. It may so happen that you fall short of those slices and have an excess of the main dishes as your guests will have a filled stomach eating those Baguette slices.


If you cook these dishes, it will not only be possible to enhance the taste and flavor of your dishes it will also make it possible to enjoy the health benefits of truffle oil. You can be at the store of Giorgio to buy a gallon of truffle oil made at their FDA-inspected facility. Call them at 708 834 0025 to place your order. For more information, email [email protected].