Exploring the Secrets of Ek Balam: A Private Guide Tour


Best Maya Tours is a tour company located in Mexico, specializing in private guide tours of the ancient Maya civilization. One of the company’s most popular tours is the “Exploring the Secrets of Ek Balam” tour, which takes visitors on a journey through the ruins of the ancient city of Ek Balam.

Ek Balam, also known as “Black Jaguar,” was a Maya city located in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. The city was first settled around 100 BC and reached its peak of prosperity between the 7th and 10th centuries AD. The city was known for its impressive architecture, including the Acropolis, a large pyramid-shaped structure that served as a ceremonial center for the Maya people.

On the Exploring the Secrets of Ek Balam Private Tour, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the ancient city and learn about its rich history and culture. The tour begins with a visit to the Acropolis, where visitors will learn about the important role that this structure played in the lives of the Maya people. From there, the tour will take visitors to other notable landmarks within the city, such as the Temple of the Owl, a large pyramid dedicated to the Maya god of the night sky, and the Ball Court, where the ancient Maya played a version of the modern-day game of basketball.

In addition to exploring the ruins of the city, the tour also includes a visit to a local Maya village, where visitors can learn about the modern-day Maya culture and way of life. This portion of the tour includes a visit to a traditional Maya home and a demonstration of traditional Maya crafts, such as weaving and pottery-making.

One of the benefits of booking a private guide tour with Best Maya Tours is the personalized attention that visitors receive. The company’s experienced guides are knowledgeable about the Maya civilization and are able to tailor the tour to the interests and needs of the group. The private guide format also allows for a more flexible itinerary, with the ability to spend more time at certain sites or activities if desired.

Overall, the Exploring the Secrets of Ek Balam Private Tour is a unique and educational experience that offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the ancient Maya civilization and culture in an immersive and engaging way. Whether you are a history buff or simply looking for an exciting and culturally enriching vacation, the Best Maya Tours “Exploring the Secrets of Ek Balam” tour is sure to be a memorable experience.