Discover the Riviera Maya Tours & Excursions that will enrich your vacation.

Mexico is the most luxurious destination all across the globe. Immense archaeological delights, relaxing beaches, and all-inclusive resorts – Mexico has it all. If you are looking for ways to add some fun activity to your relaxing vacation, you can do so by adding some of the best excursions in Riviera Maya to your Mexico travel bucket list.

Some of the most awestruck places to visit for every traveler are easily accessible through Riviera Maya tours. For every travel style, you can choose from some of the best excursions in Riviera Maya. Whether you want to explore the ancient Mayan ruins of Tulum and Chichen Itza, spend your day at one of the Xplor and Xcaret adventure parks, or swim in breathtaking cenotes hidden in the jungle.

The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to Riviera Maya tours. Here we present you the best Riviera Mayan excursions from Cancun.

It’s no surprise that some of the most popular Mayan Riviera excursions from Cancun involve water. Whether it’s diving in the freshwater cenotes, snorkeling, or sailing the seas, the choices are limitless.


Snorkeling Excursions:

The Caribbean is teeming with sea life and snorkeling is the best way to see the beautiful underwater world just off the shores of Cancun. Experiences can include reef and shipwreck snorkeling, snorkeling with whale sharks or turtles, and even snorkeling at the Cancun underwater museum.

Cenote Excursions:

Your trip to the Yucatan stays incomplete without swimming in at least one cenote. Mayan Riviera cenotes are very addictive as each one is so very uniquely beautiful. Visitors will find thousands of water-filled sinkholes making for an almost unlimited choice of cenote excursions from Cancun and Mayan Riviera.

Sailing Excursions:

There is nothing quite like sitting on the deck of a boat with the wind gushing in your hair, sun brimming your face with its rays, and gazing across the turquoise Caribbean with a drink in your hand. From peaceful sails to high energy party cruises, boating excursions from Cancun is sure to delight every traveler.


Chichen Itza:

If you enjoy learning about the history and culture of the destination you are traveling to, then visiting one or more of the Mayan Ruins near Cancun is a must. Chichén Itzá is a must-visit destination for people traveling to Cancun. Walk among the colossus pyramids, witness the ancient ruins, and unlock the secrets of the Mayan people on your tour to Chichen Itza. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site and the Pyramid Kukulcan is one of the “New 7 Wonders of the World”.


The most important Mayan city in the Yucatan was the walled city of Tulum. Sitting on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean, the place is a busy sea port today owing to its location. But what will awestruck the visitors most is the incredible view of this place.


Like Chichen Itza, Coba is another impressive site. But only 20% of the structures have been uncovered, so, there is still a lot of lush jungle giving it an extra exotic feel. There are bicycles available for rent on this tour in this great site.

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