Choosing the Right Co-Packer for Your Specialty Food Product: Tips from Industry Experts

A big challenge for many food and beverage companies is physically delivering the product into the customer’s hands. People want your product! But being a new entrepreneur, you may not have the resources. It can be difficult to scale without a co-packer for food products or a contract packager. You might lack the necessary tools to personally package your products. But co-packers will have machines to perform various tasks taking that responsibility off your back.


It may save you from a huge manufacturing & distribution cost. It is proven to be helpful if you lack resources while starting a business! A co-packer food product or a contract manufacturer is a food production facility. Contract food and beverage manufacturers specialize in producing food and drink items for various brands under contract. These manufacturers meticulously create the products according to the precise specifications.

There is no difference between the brand’s proprietary formula and the actual product. They not only manufacture the product but also packaging it on behalf of the supplier. They provide food packets that are ready to sell at retail, wholesale, or directly to consumers.


Most smaller food brands want to find a contract manufacturer or co-packers to produce and package their products. Owning and managing your packaging facility needs a huge investment. It will need extensive equipment and a fully skilled packing team. It is not only expensive but a time-consuming process.

They serve as your external production collaborator, handling the packaging of your products without requiring you to allocate resources towards warehousing, technology, and personnel. Their assistance can alleviate the challenges associated with product distribution to your customer base!


By partnering with a reliable food and beverage co-packer, you can shift your attention back to other important areas of your business. Sonoma Farm Co-Packing can help get you there. They are the leading platform in the consumer food packaged goods industry. They are the manufacturing and packaging partners that connect your brand with ultimate retailers.

Sonoma Farm Co-Packing matches you to the best food and beverage products & packages in the business. They have the capabilities and capacity to do the job for you. So, you can innovatively spend your time and sell the best products for your customers.


Food and beverage co-packing providers offer a diverse range of services to assist in streamlining your business operations and supply chain. While some may focus on creating the product from raw materials and packaging the final product, it is important to note that not all co-packers offer the same services, with some going above and beyond. Sonoma Farm Co-Packing focuses purely on the manufacturing & co-packing side. They are the right food manufacturer & packers with the services you’re looking for. Contact them now!